Application Example Master Thesis

by ustroetz

In order to visualize and demonstrate the results from my Master Thesis I created a little web app. You can access it via the url

The app visualizes the Cost Surface of the CSF as a web map. The Cost Surface is based on the regression model with the spatial variables. In this way foresters get a complete overview of the forest’s potential Harvest Cost. Also the application allows the user to digitize a forest stand and then reports the potential Harvest Costs for the digitized stand. The user gets immediate feedback since the Cost Surface is pre-generated. In addition, if the user has inventory data of the stand, they can enter these information and the application returns the exact Harvest Cost based on the full harvest model.

The Cost Surface is served as a WMS with GeoServer. The app is severed as a Python Flask App. So all the back-end processing is done in the same Python scripts used for the research itself. Fronted is simply done with Leaflet and jQuery. Below is a detailed overview of the application structure.