Structure Master Thesis

by ustroetz

For me it is curtail to have early on a structure in my mind how the thesis will look like later on. In the following I will touch on each major point of the thesis a little bit


Obviously it starts out with an introduction, reviewing the literature around different harvest cost models, and reviewing the few literature about statistical analysis of these models. Also an important part will be defining terms like Harvest Cost, Skidding Distance, Spatial Variables, etc. Towards the end the hypothesis will be explained, which will roughly be:

Harvest cost are to ???% driven by the spatial variables.

Last, since the study is heavily focused on the Colorado State Forest, a quick introduction to this area and the specifics of it will be given.


The biggest part will be the methods. After explaining how the cost model works I will explain in detail the data creation, which is a core part for analyzing the costs.

Also the actual statistical analyzing part will here be explained.


The results of my statistical analyses.

Application Example

Here I want to demonstrate what can be done with the results of my analysis. I created a web application where you can digitize timber stands and get immediate results for the costs. Also a cost raster will be visible in the application. Showing for every location on the Colorado State Forest the harvest costs.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.34.23

Discussion & Conclusion

In the end I will review my results and discuss critical components of it.